Senior Web 3.0 Developer - Snowflake (Australia)

Australia. #Sydney - Nudge People Pty Ltd: Senior Web 3.0 Developer - Snowflake. Global Web 3.0 organisation in scale-up phase is seeking an open source developer - Snowflake. Sydney based. We are seeking Open Source: Snowflake to work on version 6. This will involve improving scalability, security, and performance. This is a full-stack, decentralized data cloud infrastructure. A large data lake, covering approximately 80% of the entire crypto and web3 ecosystem. This network is designed to collect, store, process, stream, and provide data connectivity for anyone, anywhere, anytime, without the need for registration, licensing, or payments. Work on the Data API Development Platform, an innovative project aimed at creating a user-friendly environment for developers to design, build, and manage data APIs using the GraphQL framework. GraphQL provides a powerful and flexible approach to data querying and manipulation, making it ideal for creating efficient and customizable APIs for various applications. Skills preferred: Data API Snowflake Crypto/Web 3.0 Personality traits: Hardworking Problem solver Hustler Cares about code & security Creative Collaborative Apply now Nicolle Hann-Dunbavin. Publication: Thu, 25 Jan via #web #developer #jobinterviews #australia

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